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  • 'RAJARSHI' (Research Academy for Juvenile And Retarded and Social help Institute), works for the development of Poor & Needy People, in the locality of a small village by name 'RASAPUNJA' in West Bengal .India. The address of its Registered office: Village & Post -RASAPUNJA, VIA-Joka, West Bengal, PIN- 700104, INDIA. Telephone No-91/33/64139747, 91/33/2498-0775, (M)-0943323645 6, email- web-
  • 'RAJARSHI' is the name of a Novel, which was written by Gurudev RabindranathTagore , World's Renown Poet ,in addition, a Nobel Prize winner. The great Poet has given the apt title of RAJARSHI to this NOVEL as the story deals about a King who With passage of time becomes a Saint RAJARSHI in Bengali stands for RAJA and RISHI or in other words, KING& SAINT. The Crux of the story brings out that any person who has Power, Money & who is Kind hearted will definitely think about the poor & needy. Similarly, we, in our Organization seek to have Members who can feel for the Poor & needy. Our Organization, 'RAJARSHI' was established in the year 2003 and registered in the year 2004 under the Trust Act of Govt. of India. Its Registration No is. - I-000220/04, dated 14.07.2004. Our Organization has been Registered with the Income Tax Department and they have Certified that contributions to "RAJARSHI" are exempted from IT under Section 80G "RAJARSHI" has its bank account with The STATE BANK OF INDIA, Rasapunja Branch, at vill. & P.o-Rasapunja, South 24 parganas Pin-700104. West Bengal, India. A/C Holder's Name- "RAJARSHI" Current A/C No.:11391846400 Branch code: 08375 and IFS code-SBIN 0008375.
  • The Chief Functionary of this Organization is Mr. Samir Kumar Shaw. Who holds a Degree in B. Sc, MSW (app.), MEO-Class-I from Ministry of shipping, Govt. Of India, MIE & Chartered Engineer from The Institution of Engineers, India. His Telephone No.+91 33-24980775, (M)-09433236456, He has served as Asst. Prof. in ITME from 2004-2007, a Private Engineering College, situated in D.H.Rd. West Bengal., India. He is presently working as a Marine Chief Engineer. He has born in a very poor family & has risen to this position by sheer hard work & capability. This humble background of his, is one of the driving forces for his undertaking this mission. His Vision is that, - All Poor & Needy People,- all over, must have opportunity to get good education, health & hygiene, sound cultural Values & a reasonable Economic Status. His aim is to make an 'IDEAL VILLAGE', where people are able to live in peace with moderate economical status and in Progressive Harmony, irrespective of caste, creed, complexion & sex. Thereafter, he would like to spread this concept all over the World. This Mission of his Great Vision, requires Financial Support from one & all. He is looking forward for all kinds of Assistance including Suggestions, Guidance & help from all Graceful hands.
**Our organization PATRONS are:
  1. Mr. Tarapada Das, - Senior Member, Vivekananda Mission High School, Midnapur East, W.B.
  2. Dr. Shyamal Bhanja, - Organizer of a Nursing Home, Midnapur East.
  3. Mr. Ratan Barman, - Ex, Local Prodhan4. Rasapunja Gram Panchyat.
  4. Miss. Durga Sarkar,-Ex,Prodhan,- Rasapunja Gram Panchyat.
  5. Mr. Anil Parui, - M.E,Jadavpur University,Ex, Senior Executive Engineer,-Exide Battery.W.B.
  6. Mr.Uttam kumar Mondal -M.E Jadavpur University,Asst. Prof.Tripura govt. College.
  7. Mr.Kartick Naskar-Present Local Gram Prodhan.
  8. Miss Bakul Debnath-Retired primary school teacher.
Goal and Objectives, For the dream of 'IDEAL VILLAGE' 'RAJARSHI' was established in the year 2003. ---

To make an 'IDEAL VILLAGE', where people are able to live in peace with moderate Economical status and in Progressive harmony, irrespective of caste, creed, complexion, & sex.
Thereafter, he would like to spread this concept all Over the World.

  • To identify people who are living in poor economical condition thereby in poor health & low Social Status & prepare a census of the same for further necessary action.
  • To improve the economical status of the above families to a moderate level by Following:
    • Empowerment
    • Optimum utilization of all available resources,
    • Self- Employment Scheme & Micro-Finance Scheme
    • Vocational training
    • Income generation programme for rural women
    • Continuous, - monitoring and evaluation.
  • To improve the status of Health & Hygienic condition we intend having:
    • Regular health check-up camps
    • Timely medical help and supply of proper nutrition
    • Conduct meetings at regular intervals
    • Having Awareness camp for sharing of knowledge concerning health etc.
    • Continuous, -monitoring and evaluation.
  • To bring up the Standard of literacy and education:
    • By Regular awareness camp and counseling
    • Starting of adequate free coaching centers for, "drop out children and those Deprived of going to school due to various social problems"
    • Adult education project.
    • Project for sufficient number of Formal & Non-Formal School, coaching centers etc.
    • Establishment of Formal & Non-Formal Library
    • Project for higher studies, Technical, Medical College etc.
    • Art and culture seminar
    • Project for Innovative research Seminars/workshops and publication of books etc.
    • Continuous,-Monitoring and evaluation.
  • To up grade the knowledge of these people in latest advancement & Technology etc:
    • Have Regular awareness camp
    • Weekly Classes & meetings
    • Arrange seminars, conference for development of Communication, Modern science &Technology
    • Awareness of Human rights
    • Awareness on Global Warming etc
    • Water Resource Management
    • Disaster Management etc.
    • Continuous Monitoring and evaluation.
  • To reduces Antisocial activities indulged by the juveniles &others have:
    • Regular awareness camp and counseling
    • Local gathering to protest against such activities
    • Initiation of Legislative/administrative steps.
    • Implementing rules from the Administration and motivate them to refrain from such activities.
    • Continuous, - monitoring and evaluation.
  • To improve their living condition:
    • Regular awareness camp and counseling.
    • By utilization of existing available resources and financial support as necessary.
    • Cultural seminar and social gathering.
    • Health care project.
    • Community development project.
    • Housing development project and financial support for the deserving.
    • Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation.