About Us

To make an 'Ideal Village' where men, women and children to live in peace and progressive harmony above all politics, castes, complexion, religion etc. and spreading up the Idea of Development to others/surrounding villages of a district& state, gradually towards the country and whole world.


i. i. To identify the effect of those people who are suffering from poor financial condition and thereby poor health & living condition also which will be recorded for taking necessary action, empowerment and to obtain best result by continuous monitoring & evaluation.

ii.To improve economical status of people at Below Poverty Level& Economically Backward class in a balance state by vocational training, utilization of available resources, Self Employment Scheme & Micro-Finance Scheme etc.

iii. To improve the status of Health & Hygienic condition for the people at Below Poverty Level and needy persons by regular health check-up camps, timely medical help and proper nutrition also sharing the knowledge of hygienic condition by meeting at regular interval.

iv.To bring up the standard of literacy and education to all those People under Below Poverty Level, Economically backward class & especially to those drop out children who are deprived of going to school due to various social problem by regular counseling, with the help of Local administration and arranging adequate education center, formal & non formal school, coaching centers etc.

v. To up grade the knowledge of Modern science, communication, Art& culture, Global worming, Human rights, etc. by Weekly Classes, meeting, seminars, conference & regular Awareness programme.

vi. To reduce antisocial activities created by the juveniles &others by the Advise of Researchers, regular classes, seminars, counseling, medical help, legislated steps & awareness programme.

vii.To improve better living condition with the existing available resources and required financial support along with regular awareness programme, seminars, social gathering etc.

Our organization have been blessed by the following Renowned personality

i. Mr. Tarapada Das, - Senior Member,Vivekananda Mission High School,Midnapur East,W.B.

ii. Dr. Shyamal Bhanja, - Organiser of a Nurshing Home, Midnapur East,W.B.

iii. Mr. Ratan Barman, - Ex, Local Prodhan. Rasapunja Gram Panchyat.

iv. Mr. Anil Parui, - Ex, Senior Executive Engineer,-Exide Battery M.E, Jadavpur University .W.B.

v. Mr. Uttam Mondal, Asst. Prof. Tripura Government College, M.E, Jadavpur University, W.B.

vi. Miss Bakul Debnath,Ex, Primary school teacher.

Vii. Miss Durga Sarkar, Ex, Local Prodhan. Rasapunja Gram Panchyat.

Viii. Mr. Kartick Naskar, Present Prodhan. Rasapunja Gram Panchyat.


'RAJARSHI' (Research Academy for Juvenile And Retarded and Social Help Institute) started in the year 2003, keeping in view to social peace and happiness by maintaining average balance state of all needs.

In fact it is really a big task which RAJARSHI being a small Social Institute can not complete alone. It is merely a social welfare center whose aim is to confirm the peace for every human being for their normal life in each society of the entire World.

The success can only be achieved by the grace of almighty and the help from such kind of people who are basically Angel of God. The Organizer of RAJARSHI eagerly seeking for those kind hearted persons who suppose to be an Angel for the poor & needy in reality. This small Institute can only be able to success in their mission when that Kind hearted person as an Individual or representing an organization extends graceful hands to co-operate in every field of work.

However 'RAJARSHI' has started initially with a free coaching center to take care of Drop-out from / Deprived-of going to school, in the area around RAJARSHI'S registered office in the year 2003.

In our Evening free coaching center- in the first year, there was only 06 (six) students from I to class-IV.

Thereafter by the enormous struggle and sacrifice from teachers & members and the support of Local

administration, 'RAJARSHI S' students found equally good in comparison with the other Private coaching centers. In fact 'RAJARSHI'S performance for those above mentioned students are gradually improving and thereby attracting more number of students in free coaching centre. Day by day above students are increasing and insisting their guardian or local guardian to admit into formal school also getting interest for continuing their studies for higher classes. We regret for the embarrassing situation, as lot of students are missing from this opportunity due to our insufficient infrastructure and fund.

In addition to the free coaching center, we have also started subsidiary Sewing school and Drawing school for the destitute women and needy students. This has been started, considering the scheme of self employment. We have appointed two senior most teachers, so as to train the students and get enlightened their talent. We hope, In future or within a short time they will be able to get their own Employment.
In the year 2009, we have started Patanjali yoga samity to maintain good order of health for all Young & Elderly persons.

Prior to draw a line regarding statement of success, we pray to all for their he artful blessing to 'RAJARSHI' about the Goal of endless success.

Name & address of some successful/talented candidate from all above discipline are mentioned here(2007-2009) as proud of RAJARSHI'S active role in the society.

Evening free coaching center:-

1 Pranati Naskar, village & post- Rasapunja, Via- Joka,South 24 parganas, Pin-700104.

2.Pinki Naskar, village Noabad, post-Rasapunja, via-joka,South 24 parganas, pin-700104

3. Biswajit Gayan, village- Charaktala,post- Rasapunja, via- joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

4. Suprio Naskar, Village & post- Rasapunja, via-joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

5. Sudipta Naskar, Village & post- Rasapunja, via-joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

6. Sandip Sardar, Village & post- Rasapunja, via-joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104

7.Anima Balmiki, Village & post- Rasapunja, via-joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

Subsidiary Sewing School :-

1.Ganga Mishra, village- Charaktala,post- Rasapunja, via- joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

2.smt. Sikha Mondal, village- Noabad,post- Rasapunja,via-joka,south 24 parganas,pin-700104.

3.smt. Putul Mondal, village-Samali,post- Rasapunja, via- joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

4.smt. Tara Sardar, village- Samali,post- Rasapunja, via- joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104

5.smt Rina Mondal,village- Halder pukur,post- Nohajari, south 24 parganas.

6.Jaba Naskar,Village & post- Rasapunja, via-joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

7. smt. Suchitra Halder- Village & post- Rasapunja, via-joka, south 24 parganas, pin-700104.

Subsidiary Drawing school:-

1.Pratyusha sardar, village- Noabad,post- Rasapunja,via-joka,south 24 parganas,pin-700104.

2.Sougata Shaw, village & post- Rasapunja,via-joka,south 24 parganas,pin-700104

Patanjali yoga Samity:-

1.Rampada Mondal, village & post- Rasapunja,via-joka,south 24 parganas,pin-700104.

2.Sudhir Mondal, village Polia, post- Rasapunja,via-joka,south 24 parganas,pin-700104.

List of Members in Advisory Committee.
  1. Sri Chitta Ranjan Shaw- CHAIRMAN.
  2. Sri Sanjay Dutta- Vice chairman.
  3. Sri Somnath Maity- Co-ordinator.
  4. Sri Samir kumar Shaw- Acting President, 'RAJARSHI' Executive committee.
  5. Sri kamal Paul- Senior member.
  6. Sri Dipak Sarkar- Ex-Gram Panchyat Member.
  7. Sri Panchu Sanpui - Ex-Gram Panchyat Member.
  8. Sri Dipak Sanpui- Present Gram Panchyat Member.
  9. Mrs. Pratima Sardar- Ex senior teacher, RAJARSHI
  10. Miss Bharati Roy- Present Senior teacher ,RAJARSHI.
  11. Mrs.Gita Chakraborty- Ex senior teacher ,RAJARSHI.
  12. Sri Ranendranath Roy- Present senior teacher, RAJARSHI.
List of Executive committee members:
  1. Mrs.Ranjita Samanta - (Ex, Teacher, Rasapunja G.M Secondary school)- President.
  2. Mr.Samir Kumar Shaw- (BSc, Msw, MIE& Chattered Engineer ,Marine Engineer, Class-I officer(motor),Ex assistant Professor Ins of technology & Marine engineering, Chief Engineer, Marine)- Acting President.
  3. Mrs. Rebati Shaw- (M.A ,B.ed,Ex, Teacher in Srinibas higher secondary school Purba Midnapur)- Secretary.
  4. Mr.Uttam Kumar Guchait- (M Tech in polymer)- Finance controller.
List of Local (Working Committee ) Committee Members :
  1. Mr. Samir Kumar Shaw - President.
  2. Sri Ashok Roy Barman - Vice president
  3. Mrs. Sujit Sapui - Secretary.
  4. Mr.Kalipada Mondal - Assistant Secretary.
  5. Mr.Saroj Sarkar - Convener.
  6. Mr.Subrata Baidya - Organiser.
  7. Mr.Subhendu Sardar - Assistant Organiser.
  8. Mr. Swapan Roy Barman - Assistant Organiser.
  9. Mr.Rabin Mondal - Co Ordinator.
  10. Mr.Mohon Paramanik - Member.
  11. Mr.Sourav Shaw - Member
  12. Mr.Sathi sarkar - Member.
  13. Mr. Bablu Mondal - Member.
  14. Mr. Samir Mondal - Member.
  15. Mr. Tapan Roy Barman - Member.
List of Teachers and Staffs :
  1. Mrs Rebati Shaw-(M.A, B. Ed.).
  2. Mr.Uttam kr Guchait-(M-Tech.in Polymer).
  3. Ms.Sampa Naskar-(B.A).
  4. Ms.Sucharita Naskar-(Appearing B.A).
  5. Ms.Bharati Roy-(Tailoring & Embroidery teacher).
  6. Mr.Ranendranath Roy-(B.A,ART & CULTURE from Art college).
  7. Mr.Raja Banerjee( M.A in English).
  8. Mr.Sourav Shaw(B.Tech in computer science).
  9. Mrs.Suparna Mondal,(Apperaing B.A).
  10. Tapan Roy Barman.
  11. Suvendu Sardar.
  12. Mohon Paramanik.